HAI ROBOTICS Debuts at Smart Factory+ 2021 Expo

The warehouse robotics company from China aims to help more partners achieve better warehousing efficacy with its cutting-edge warehousing automation technology.

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HAI ROBOTICS, a pioneer of autonomous case-handling robotics (ACR) system, made a debut with HAIPICK robots in S. Korea at the Smart Factory+Automation World 2021 in Seoul from Sept. 8 to 10.

HAI ROBOTICS showcased the HAIPICK A42 autonomous case-handling robot at the Smart Factory+ Automation World 2021 in Seoul, South Korea.
HAI ROBOTICS showcased the HAIPICK A42 autonomous case-handling robot at the Smart Factory+ Automation World 2021 in Seoul, South Korea.

The presence at the S. Korea’s most important automation solutions expo gave local visitors a close-up of the HAIPICK ACR system that is much-touted for its totes/cartons-to-person warehousing automation technology.

The HAIPICK ACR system supports automatic warehouse management and is well-suited for various warehousing scenarios by employing automated transportation, retrieval, storage and sorting. The HAIPICK robots, built with multiple sensors capable of integrated positioning, boasts a good control precision of ±3mm to allow intelligent picking, transport, auto-navigation, obstacle avoidance and auto-charging with high stability and high-accuracy. The HAIPICK robots can pick and place totes as well as cartons on storage shelves up to 5 to 7 meters high. They can carry up to 8 loads to continuously feed goods-to-person picking stations.

At the booth in the Hall C, visitors were excited to see for the first time the HAIPICK A42 robot with five picking loads, with the A42N robot, which is capable of handling multi-size totes or cartons, of strong interest for local visitors.

"Many warehouses here measure a height of 4-6 meters and they prefer mixed picking of cartons and bins, so the A42N robot suits their needs very well," said Leo Kim, Korean Market Director with HAI ROBOTICS.

With the recent e-commerce boom, warehouses and factories have confronted the challenge of speedy order-processing and goods delivery as never before. As a result, automated warehousing became hotly pursued.

A S. Korean e-commerce report said the country’s e-commerce sales volume reached US$144.1 billion in 2020, ranking fifth in the world. Its e-commerce market is predicted to reach US$325.12 billion in 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 19.92% over the period from 2021 to 2025, according to Research and Market, a leading market researcher. The tremendous growth prospect accompanies huge demand potential for warehousing automation.

Local warehousing automation is at an early stage and the market remains yet to be explored according to Leo. Local companies tend to be very cautious to throw investment into a big warehouse project, he added.

But he is optimistic in the upcoming two to three years, market will be ballooning when the robot is testified suitable.

HAI ROBOTICS has been running some projects in S. Korean and is willing to widen its cooperation with local supply chain. It believes the successful experience in 200-plus projects across the world can lend a helping hand.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or https://www.hairobotics.com/en/home/index


HAI ROBOTICS, a trailblazer of autonomous case-handling (ACR) system, is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customized warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology and AI algorithms. It aims to create value for each factory and logistics warehouse.

The HAIPICK ACR system, independently developed in 2015, is the world’s first of its kind. It can help realize warehouse automation in just a week, increase storage density by 80-130%, and improve staffs’ work efficiency by 3-4 times. The HAIPICK solution has been applied in warehouses of e-commerce, 3PL, apparel, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medicine, among others.

Founded in 2016 with headquarter in Shenzhen, China, HAI ROBOTICS now has over 1,000 staff with branch offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, US and the Netherlands, serving clients from over 30 countries and regions.

A HAIPICK robot in operation in a warehouse.
A HAIPICK robot in operation in a warehouse.

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