Guide Sensmart Launches Norma Series TN430/TN450

Norma Series TN430/TN450 Handheld Thermal Binoculars from Guide Sensmart, accurate ranging up to 600meters.

WUHAN, China, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As we know, it is easy for animals to hide when human vision is limited in the dark night. As a must-have technology, infrared thermal imaging helps hunters see hidden targets in darkness.

Guide Sensmart launched the Norma TN Series of handheld thermal binoculars, including TN430 and TN450, designed for hunting and other outdoor activities. Like traditional binoculars, the series accommodates existing habits of hunters by combining traditional design and modern infrared technology to a perfect extent.

The TN series is equipped with a 400X300@17?m detector and optional 35/50 mm lenses. It also features a 1024×768 high-definition OLED color screen and adjustable pupil spacing of 60-70mm, avoiding the discomfort caused by ghosting and other problems with regular binoculars. With the TN series, users feel more comfortable when observing targets for a long time.

All buttons of the series are raised for easy access in darkness. The buttons are in ergonomic design with superb feel when being touched. They are combinations of aesthetics and simple operation.

It is worth noting that the TN series is empowered by laser ranging, which works up to 3,000 meters away and gives accurate measurements up to 600 meters with accuracy of ±1 meter. It is not inferior to professional laser rangefinders.

The series supports WIFI connectivity for remote control and easy sharing. An APP allows photo shooting, recording operations, sharing and other power functions on a mobile phone. With various built-in sensors, including GPS receiver, compass and gyroscope, the gadget is suitable for a variety of complex hunting scenarios with improved experience.

The TN series binoculars are very competitive in terms of imaging effect, comfort in observation and abundancy of functions, and expected to be a choice of outdoorsmen.


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