GobizKOREA, proceeds with the 2021 GobizWEEKPromotion for global buyers

Free gifts and big discount by 70% provided from 17th Sep. to 30th Sep.

SOUEL, South Korea, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Online B2B Market Place, GobizKOREA will hold 2021 GobizWEEK Promotion 17th Sep to 30th Sep for 2 weeks.This time, GobizWEEK’s prepared in order to publicize the superior goods of Korean small and medium-sized businesses and complete a business deal for export as the large-scale promotion show featuring a variety of benefits and participative events. The buyer, who registers inquiries during the promotion period, can purchase more than 150 Korean distinguish consumer goods by GobizKOREA at 70% discounted price maximum.

GobizKOREA, proceeds with the 2021 GobizWEEKPromotion for global buyers
GobizKOREA, proceeds with the 2021 GobizWEEKPromotion for global buyers

(*Industrial goods are expected to be prepared in mid-October.)

In addition, the participative events will be held, where the participants who join in a survey are offered up to 7 kinds of samples for free. If the buyer participating in the events makes a transaction within this year after receiving the sample, you can get 10% discount benefit and also receive giveaways such as an Amazon gift card, etc. through a lottery. 

The GobizKOREA director said, "I hope that this event, which can publicize the excellence of Korean products to the world, will be of great help to provide a growth foothold for the domestic companies.

Meanwhile, GobizKOREA, B2B online marketplace operated by the Korea SMSs and Startups Agency, is providing a reliable trade support service free of charge for the purpose of offering the high-quality Korean products promptly. In particular, the BMS (Business Matching Service), where trade specialists discover and introduce a suitable product if only information on a product wanted is provided, is gaining popularity.

For more information on GobizWEEK Promotion, see the link below.

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