GMAIL, Google Drive, Slack Experienced Outage

It has been reported that some of the users of Google services such as Gmail were unable to send emails and attach files.

And as caught by Business Insider India on DownDetector today, August 20, 2020, the said problem has affected users not just in India, but also other people in Japan, Australia, and even some other parts of the globe.

This issue has been confirmed by Google through their G Suite Status Dashboard, which shows that service disruption at 1:29 PM. “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly,” stated Google.

Moreover, on their update at 3:21 PM, Google noted that they are continuing to investigate the issue. Here’s what Google has listed on their 3:21 PM update:

  • Gmail sending issues
  • Meet recording issues
  • Creating files issues in Drive
  • CSV user upload issues in Admin Console
  • Posting message issues in Google Chat

Other Platforms also Experience Issues

Other users also report issues concerning platforms such as Slack and even YouTube Studio. And just a few hours ago, the problem has been confirmed by Slack through a Tweet, while as for YouTube, many users have been tweeting about the inconvenience they have experienced with the hashtag, #YoutubeDown.


G Suite Status Dashboard, Business Insider India, TechCrunch

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