Globe Business helps corporations transform into customer-centric enterprises through ICT


The customers took center stage as key officers and executives from various local enterprises gathered for the Globe Business Customer Experience (CX) Forum 2017 where companies which wish to be ahead of the pack learned how customer-focused experience can provide them with much-needed competitive advantage.


The forum was meant to educate enterprises that in-store experience will eventually become the primary differentiator of brands, how they can remain a top-of-mind brand by reinforcing loyalty and brand love through transforming customer journey experience, and how being a partner of Globe Business will enable these transformations.

Globe Business Director for Strategic Marketing Gerry Soler addresses the attendees of the Globe Business Customer Experience Forum 2017

“As we aspire to be the trusted business advisor of Philippine enterprises, Globe Business moves aggressively to help companies realize their full potential by focusing on delivering transformational customer experience through the use of information and communications technologies (ICT),” said Globe Business Senior Vice President Peter Maquera.


Topics discussed include the following: Building a customer centric enterprise which helps enterprises discover how they can remain a top-of-mind brand; Globe Telecom’s retail transformation journey and its evolution from being transactional and traditional retail to experiential selling; Digitizing service delivery to keep up with customers to help understand the changes in how markets interact with brands through Globe Digital Ventures and Yondu solutions; Strengthening customer trust by securing private data with Globe Business’ Advanced Security Operations Center and Managed Security Services; and Leveraging on data analytics to create demand which helps companies to stay relevant through insights with Globe Telecom’s Enterprise Data Office.


Globe Business redefines how businesses work— which go beyond functions, numbers, and performance. The enterprise ICT arm of Globe Telecom helps turn businesses passion and purpose into reality through the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how to create meaningful experiences for its clients, their customers, and ultimately, the nation.


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