FIBERSTAMP Supports the Liquid Cooling Data Center Reconstruction of a Top US HFT Company

TAIPEI, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FIBERSTAMP supports the liquid cooling data center reconstruction plan of a top US High Frequency Trading (HFT) company, with its liquid cooling immersible optical transceivers in joint testing phase at present.

FIBERSTAMP Liquid Cooling Immersive Optical Transceivers applicable for data centers and 5G network
FIBERSTAMP Liquid Cooling Immersive Optical Transceivers applicable for data centers and 5G network

The client, as one of top US HFT companies owning top-ranking sophisticated computing environments for R&D, is planning to convert its data centers to liquid cooling type to balance its irreconcilable conflict of ultrahigh computational capacity demands and limited space & power supply. Due to the particular features of HFT industry and service, the data centers are facing fast-expanding computing power pressure, which inevitably leads to ultrahigh density racks being deployed next to stock exchanges.

Correspondingly, the liquid cooling technology becomes the solution to the common question the whole industry is facing: how to put infinitely expanding computing capacities in finite space with limited power supply. With the liquid cooling reconstruction, large amount of space used to occupied by air conditioners and fans can be released to bear more racks and the rack density limits are broken as well.

However, the popularization of liquid cooling is not a easy job. The lack of verified optical interconnection hardware is holding its applications’ further expanding. FIBERSTAMP, as a long-term partner of the HFT giant, took out its new results — 25G immersible optical transceivers which have been practically tested and deployed in data center and 5G DU applications. At present the procured samples are received by the user and being tested in the real running environments to make sure of its long-term reliability.

The common liquid cooling technology applicable for optical transceivers and the first batch of 10/25/50/100G immersible transceivers are significant fruits of FIBERSTAMP in 2021, which are further boosting the widespread applications of liquid cooling technology in areas of data center, server, HFT and 5G networks. The first generation immersible transceivers are of superior leakproofness, supporting direct submersion cooling and can well work while submersed with more than 1m of liquid depth. At the same time, through liquid pressurization test, all material applied is of long-term compatibility for mainstream coolant and immersive working environment.

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