Famous French comedian Kevin Razy held new socially interactive talk show celebrating Valentine’s day on Bigo Live

The same authentic French humour and openness from Razy was on Bigo live

PARIS, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bigo Live, the leading face of live streaming, announced today a new show demonstrating how mainstream entertainment and culture continues to adapt despite COVID-19.

Headlining the first in a series of new socially interactive programs is a comedy talk show, Krazy Story, hosted by standup comedian and rising star Kevin Razy.

The comedian, radio host, and television presenter is no stranger to the French public. Razy interacts with listeners on SWIGG radio every morning, hosts television shows, and does standup comedy. On Bigo Live’s new Krazy Show, Autour de Kevin Razy, shares the spotlight with others as they touch on social issues with a healthy dash of humour.

Famous french comedian Kevin Razy held new socially interactive talk show celebrating Valentine's day on Bigo Live
Famous french comedian Kevin Razy held new socially interactive talk show celebrating Valentine’s day on Bigo Live

With COVID-19 impacting television production, this has meant that personalities like Razy needed to find new ways of connecting with their audience. After switching to live streaming during the first lockdown, Razy switched to Bigo Live after being introduced by a friend.

"As an artist, having a platform and freedom to communicate actively with a large audience is crucial. Bigo Live’s large audience and ability to communicate easily with multiple people at a time convinced me to join the platform. And everyone is there!" said Razy.

The Krazy Story is all about discussing sensitive topics like love and sex without stigma. Viewers can expect the same authentic French humour and openness from Razy as he and his guests discuss close-to-heart issues.

The series started with a Virtual Valentine’s Day with Razy and guests Maev99, Coco_twerkit, and their partners sharing their thoughts on life and love during the lockdown.

In the second half of the show, Razy invited a random couple from the virtual audience in the multi-guest room to participate in the discussion.

The multi-guest room feature on Bigo Live has been gaining popularity in France. Allowing instantaneous interaction between the broadcaster and users breaks down the traditional barriers of what one expects from such media.

The multi-guest room feature on Bigo Live
The multi-guest room feature on Bigo Live

Bigo Live previously used the feature to significantly raise the impact of its community campaigns, including the #WeStandTogether movement for the LGBTQ community and the exclusive Cloud Clubbing initiative.

"We have had a lot of inspiring conversations in the multi-people room. Users new to the platform compared it to a virtual clubhouse. Everyone at Bigo Live is excited to explore more possibilities with the popular feature," a Spokesperson from Bigo Live explained.

Talking about the focus on socially interactive content, the Spokesperson from Bigo Live added that, "Ensuring we keep up social interaction while at home is incredibly important. Unfortunately, the Internet has not always been the best place for this."

"We are looking to change that by breaking down barriers to bring interaction and provide a space for friendship, love and entertainment."

Kevin Razy’s Krazy Story launched on February 12. To catch the show, you can logon to Bigo Live at www.bigo.tv every Friday night.

Find out more about Bigo Live on https://www.bigo.sg/about, or visit our socials at https://www.instagram.com/bigolivefr/ and https://www.bigo.tv/?shortlink=DEbillboard&pid=region_event&c=DE%20Billboard&is_retargeting=true 

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