Facebook to Test New Advertiser Topic Exclusion Controls

Social media giant Facebook has made an announcement that the platform will soon start “building and testing new advertiser topic exclusion controls.”

This was announced by Facebook on Friday, January 29, 2021.

Furthermore, as stated in the announcement, the new advertiser topic exclusion controls will be tested with a small group of advertisers.

According to Facebook, the said, “controls will help to address concerns advertisers have of their ads appearing in News Feed next to certain topics based on their brand suitability preferences.” And the platform is planning to test that allows an advertiser to select a topic.

With the selection, this would help the platform on how they will show the advertisement on Facebook which included the News Feed.

Here’s a a sample stated in the announcement

A children’s toy company may want to avoid content related to a new crime show, so they could select the “Crime and Tragedy” topic.

“This product development as well as testing and learning in News Feed will take much of the year,” Facebook added.

Source: Facebook

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