Facebook gives you convenient ways for account security

Facebook is working on providing us more ways to avoid hackers from getting into our accounts.

The social media giant just announced that they’re adding simpler ways to help us with account security through their two-factor authentication option.

To set it up, log in to your account. Right after that, go to Settings>Security and Login>Use Two-Factor Authentication then edit it. From there, you will be given the options. Facebook is giving us these simpler additional ways for account security so we don’t have to provide our phone number to them.

Before you can set it up, you have to make sure that you turn it on.

To fully understand the process, let’s have an overview of each option.

Initial Option for 2FA

Text Message

You will receive authentication code through text if you choose to add your phone number to your account. However, SMS is generally not considered as the best way for 2FA because hackers can find ways to get your SIM information and use it to get into your account.

Added ways for Back-up

Authentication App

Facebook is now adding third-party apps for authentication like Duo Security and Google Authenticator so we can get login codes through them.

Recovery Codes 

If you choose this option, you will be given 10 sets of login codes that you can use. This is what you can utilize when you don’t have your phone.

For example, you left your phone at home, all you have to do is use one of the codes provided to you.You wouldn’t need to have your phone to receive a login code anymore.

Security Key

If you have a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security key, you can use this option.

U2F makes things simple for two-factor authentication by using specialized USB or NFC devices. This is based on the technology used in smart cards.

Move for account security

Two-factor authentication is a widely supported way to assure security in a higher level. This is the reason why Facebook is continuously improving on options that wouldn’t require you to provide them your personal phone numbers. On the other hand, it would still be your choice if you want to take on this options.



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