F1 Security, Inc. Expansion of targeting the Japanese market with customer-friendly software-installed web security products

SEOUL, South Korea, July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Last year on December 21st, F1 Security signed a partnership agreement with COCOA in Tokyo as the official Japanese sales representative and is actively venturing for market expansion in Japan.

Daeho Lee, CEO of F1Security
Daeho Lee, CEO of F1Security

F1 Security, through the partnership with COCOA, has been promoting Unified Web Security Service (UWSS) online utilizing the DV360 platform since last month. COCOA has developed a landing page for promotions in Japan and is executing advertisement inquiry reception and response and the primary technical support for UWSS.

UWSS is a Unified web security service developed and provided by F1Security. More than 90% of the major hacking incidents known around the world are due to website security vulnerabilities. It is easy to think that websites can be protected by a web application firewall (WAF), but that is not the case.

UWSS provides the following four services required for website security.

(1) Web application firewall that detects and blocks web hacking attacks
(2) Anti-WebShell that detects and processes hacker-installed web shells
(3) Web malware scanner that detects whether malicious code is spreading through a website
(4) Website forgery detection that detects unintentional changes to website content

UWSS is a monthly subscription software service that does not require dedicated hardware. Therefore, it is the best service for web security to websites for a limited time such as public clouds and events where it is difficult to install hardware. Also, unlike other companies’ services, which vary depending on the amount of communication and the number of accesses, the price of UWSS is "fixed monthly".

About F1 Security

F1 Security is a Korean company specializing in information protection that has participated in the RSA Conference held since May 17th this year for three consecutive years. Also, F1Security is a specialized information security service company designated by the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea. F1Security has been operating the Korean government’s public web security service for the past 5 years. Services operated by F1Security include a project that analyzes 4 million websites a day to monitor the distribution of malicious codes, and a project that checks 5,000 website vulnerabilities a year and distributes software-installed web security products.


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