Evermos, Social Commerce Platform from Indonesia, Supports Women’s Participation for National Economic Recovery

BANDUNG, Indonesia, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Indonesia Social Commerce Platform for halal products, Evermos has announced its commitment to supporting women’s roles in the post COVID-19 national economic recovery by giving access, opportunity, and training to women across Indonesia. This commitment is followed by the inclusion of Evermos as a signatory to the UN Women’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), through the WeEmpower Asia program supported by the European Union, to promote gender equality throughout the Evermos ecosystem.

Evermos Training with Housewives at Reseller Gathering Events
Evermos Training with Housewives at Reseller Gathering Events

Evermos launched the #PerempuanAndalan campaign on March 8, 2022, to coincide with International Women’s Day, which comes on March 8th. The campaign focuses on the role of women in the family as an essential element to sustaining the national economy. Founded in 2018, Evermos empowers more than 100,000 women across Indonesia by giving them access to additional incomes, enabling them to become resellers.

"When Women are enabled by having entrepreneurial activities and selling, they have the opportunity to attain financial freedom and become more independent, effectively they can contribute to their household income," stated Iqbal Muslimin, Chief of Sustainability Evermos.

In addition to providing free, easy and inclusive access to become a reseller, Evermos continues to provide education and training for its ecosystem. In the year 2021, Evermos has delivered more than 18,000 hours of training. The training is offered both online and offline as a form of empowerment to help people improve basic selling skills, such as entrepreneurship, community building, product selection, and life skill training including financial and social skills. Evermos also collaborates with UN Women to encourage women entrepreneurs to participate in WERise, a program that aims to increase women’s access to resources and abilities so that they can succeed as entrepreneurs and lifting others.

The Evermos ecosystem goes hand-in-hand with local SMEs, whose products will be sold by the resellers. There are 22 strong women who successfully scale out their business as a SME owners. Being the enabler of this vast ecosystem, Evermos signed a commitment with the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) program from UN Women. Through the agreement, Evermos supports gender equality and empowers women in the workplace, business and community. Margareth, Co-founder and Head of Operations Evermos said "To accomplish the goal of empowering women that spans the entire ecosystem at Evermos, this is a first important step, we start small within ourselves and expanding from there"

Since the beginning, women empowerment has been an important pillar for Evermos to deliver its social impact, along with community empowerment and innovation for empowering lower socio-economic groups. When women empower the economy in their families, their roles will become increasingly vital so that they can shape a family that places importance on independence, personal and social values. "This year, we expect to empower over 500,000 Indonesian women, most of whom simply just need access and opportunity. By strengthening a household economy through women, we strengthen the national economy," Iqbal added.

Tentang Evermos

Evermos is a social commerce startup with a vision to build a collaborative economy to improve the welfare of Indonesia. We want to provide opportunities and support to MSMEs, individuals who want to become entrepreneurs, and the wider community to have mutual awareness and help each other through our digital ecosystem.

Evermos provides an ecosystem that supports individuals, even without capital, access, and experience, to become entrepreneurs by becoming an Evermos reseller. Resellers sell curated products from local brands so besides doing business, they also support our local MSMEs to grow together. Meanwhile, the wider community has a better shopping experience to purchase local brands in a more convenient way and at the best prices, assisted by resellers. To learn more, visit www.evermos.com.



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