eMeet Announces Three-in-One Webcam Meeting Capsule, Redefining Videoconferencing Experience for Hybrid Workers

SHENZHEN, China, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — eMeet today announced Meeting Capsule, a three-in-one videoconferencing solution that delivers a supreme video and audio experience for business and home-office users, as well as those who are seeking a top-of-the-line webcam for their workspace. Featuring a high-resolution camera, a full-duplex audio system and a noise-reducing microphone array, Meeting Capsule is eMeet’s latest technological innovation designed to boost productivity and offer a premier remote collaboration experience, helping users to easily adapt to today’s business world where the hybrid work model has become the norm. 

Main Features of eMeet Meeting Capsule
Main Features of eMeet Meeting Capsule

With a mission to create easy-to-use, powerful tools that allow users to stay connected anytime, anywhere, eMeet constantly pushes the boundary of functionality that a professional webcam is able to deliver by integrating state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies to redefine the video recording, streaming, and broadcasting experience, which is reflected in the new three-in-one webcam Meeting Capsule. 

Equipped with advanced optics and breakthrough technologies, supercharged by the face-tracking and Voice lA 4.0 feature, eMeet’s Meeting Capsule delivers premium performance in professional meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes, capable of capturing every person in the room with unparalleled video and audio quality.

Packed into its sleek and compact design is a truly groundbreaking remote-conferencing technology that allows users to record 360-degree all-around HD live videos. This feature removes the need to reposition the camera to fit everyone in the room within the frame, with face-tracking technology powered by eMeet’s advanced algorithms ensures the presenter stays in the center of the frame.

Working in conjunction with a mic array and a full-duplex audio system, the AI-powered Voice lA 4.0 technology suppresses and filters out unwanted noise in the room and captures speech from all sides from a distance as far as 18 inches. Meanwhile, the industry-leading voice recognition feature can also automatically optimize the speaker’s audio quality by leveling up softer voices.

eMeet Meeting Capsule offers an enhanced interactive experience with its adjustable camera that can move in two orientations – up and down, forward and backward, giving users maximum flexibility whether it is placed on a conference table, mounted on a screen or secured on a wall. Users can change the camera’s angle and position using the PC application, remote control, or buttons on the unit to find the perfect frame for the meeting. Designed with privacy in mind, Meeting Capsule switches off the camera and microphone system when angled to zero degrees.

eMeet Meeting Capsule supports four video modes, and its high compatibility means that it has no problem when working with all the mainstream video-conferencing applications. To make it even more user-friendly and efficient, eMeet Meeting Capsule does not need a driver to be installed to operate.  eMeet Meeting Capsule will be available to purchase in April 2022. For more information, please visit eMeet’s Amazon store and eMeet official website.

About eMeet

Established in 2016, eMeet believes that a truly frictionless and smooth video conferencing tool can transform how we experience virtual teamwork and collaboration. By creating the solutions that make sure everyone in the meeting room is heard and seen, eMeet is not just helping those who are struggling with working from home, but also enabling a future where everyone can work from anywhere without the worry about connectivity and productivity.


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