Eaton helps businesses avert the threat of costly outages in distributed IT environments and Edge deployments with its Intelligent Power Manager 2.0 software and 5PX Gen 2 series

SINGAPORE, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global power management company Eaton has unveiled its latest release of the Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) disaster recovery software and an enhanced version of the 5PX UPS. Designed for organisations operating distributed IT infrastructure in virtualized or hyperconverged environments, these two products deliver enhanced power protection that help prevent lasting and costly downtime for critical equipment.

"Businesses operating distributed IT environments cannot afford to ignore the threat of outages that can severely compromise operations. A holistic approach that leverages modern hardware and software technologies is needed to protect the critical infrastructure that keeps organisations running," said Jimmy Yam, Vice President, Electrical Sector, Eaton East Asia.

"The launch of the IPM 2.0 and enhanced 5PX UPS aims to meet this growing need, and ultimately enable organisations to ensure business continuity and come out ahead in the ongoing digital transformation journey."

Safeguard data at the edge and ensure business continuity with greater control over critical power infrastructure

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager 2.0
Eaton Intelligent Power Manager 2.0

Eaton’s IPM 2.0 software gives IT managers greater control over their distributed power infrastructure by enabling them to remotely monitor and manage equipment, and mitigate power events before they cause damaging outages. A part of Eaton’s Brightlayer data centre software suite, the disaster recovery software provides remote monitoring and automated disaster avoidance capabilities.

IPM 2.0 comes in 3 editions – Monitor, Manage and Optimize – to offer organisations more flexibility in choosing the right level of power management functions according to their size and needs. The second-generation software also features a redesigned user interface, more automation options for critical processes, and enhanced visualisation options to enable quicker understanding of equipment status.

In addition to remote infrastructure management, IPM 2.0 can support organisations looking to deploy hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). The software features integration with leading IT platforms from Eaton’s PowerAdvantage partners such as VMware, NetApp, Dell EMC, enabling users to have better control of their IT infrastructure with power management products.

Users can enable automatic and transparent live migration of virtual machines to keep critical workloads up and running in the event of an extended outage. This bolsters business continuity by allowing IT teams to move critical applications to available servers either within an organization, or to a co-located facility or public cloud.

More information on IPM 2.0 can be found at For a more detailed look at how IPM 2.0 can help businesses looking to future-proof their distributed power infrastructure with seamless remote management, the IPM 2.0 webinar is open for sign-ups here.

Maximise efficiency, earnings and protection across IT environments with the cybersecurity-certified 5PX Gen 2 UPS

Eaton 5PX Gen 2 UPS
Eaton 5PX Gen 2 UPS

Together with the IPM 2.0 software, Eaton is introducing a new generation of its 5PX UPS series which offers enhanced efficiency, manageability and energy metering capabilities.

Similar to the IPM 2.0, Eaton’s second generation 5PX UPS provides deep integration within virtual environments and comes with automation features for disaster recovery during power outages. Other key enhancements and features include:

  • Unity power factor (W=VA) capability, which allows it to protect more servers
  • Remote UPS settings and remote firmware upgrade for easy deployment and reduced maintenance cost with the Eaton Gigabit network management card[1]
  • Enhanced commissioning and configuration capabilities with an improved graphical LCD display which brings all operating information at first sight

Energy Star 2.0 certified, it also helps IT managers reduce energy consumption and cooling costs and improve overall power efficiency.

[1] The Eaton Gigabit network management card are delivered with the 5PX Gen 2 Netpack models. It features dual cybersecurity certifications (UL 2900-1 & IEC 62443-4-2) and enables connection to Eaton Cyber Secured Monitoring solutions.

About Eaton Electrical Sector

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with deep regional application expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; power quality, backup power and energy storage; control and automation; life safety and security; structural solutions; and harsh and hazardous environment solutions. Through end-to-end services, channel and an integrated digital platform and insights Eaton is powering what matters across industries and around the world, helping customers solve their most critical electrical power management challenges.

Eaton’s mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power – more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably. Eaton’s 2020 revenues were $17.9 billion, and we sell products to customers in more than 175 countries. We have approximately 96,000 employees. For more information, visit


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