Dtonic wins Korean region with spatio-temporal big data technologies, advances to SelectUSA Tech

SEOUL, South Korea, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dtonic, a member company of Born2Global Centre, specializing in work with spatio-temporal big data, will participate in the finals of the SelectUSA Tech pitch competition in the United States. On April 16, Dtonic won the Korea-region online round of SelectUSA Tech pitch competition, organized by the U.S. Embassy in Korea.

Dtonic selected as Korean representative for SelectUSA Tech pitch competition.
Dtonic selected as Korean representative for SelectUSA Tech pitch competition.

Dtonic qualified for the next round of SelectTech pitch competition, part of the 2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit, to be held online June 7-11. Dtonic plans to showcase its technology to a diverse audience of more than 3,000 participants by means of an online exhibition booth through a virtual platform provided by the U.S. Economic Development Administration. Marking its eighth anniversary, the SelectUSA Investment Summit focuses on connecting technology companies with key players in various ecosystems to support the entry of early-stage and emerging technology startups into the United States.

Eight promising Korean technology companies, including Dtonic, were selected for the heated final round of the Korea-region online pitch competition, which took place before a panel of judges consisting of Korean-American venture capitalists, incubators, and accelerators. Berkeley Skydeck Fund, Samsung Next, KID Venture Capital, Sumihiro Investments, and Korea Development Bank evaluated participants in terms of technology, suitability for the US market, and team composition. Participating companies also included SSenStone, Shin Starr Presents, Hylium Industries, DeepET, Grinergy, Microsystems, and Brilliant & Company.

Dtonic was recently selected for KIC Silicon Valley’s Express Soaring 1 program, and is actively expanding into the US market by conducting market verification-based localization. In addition, its inclusion in GO AUSTRIA Spring 2021, an incubation program operated by Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) has increased the visibility of its presence in European markets. Dtonic is also preparing to enter Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America through various joint projects, accelerator programs and venture capital investment, and arrange technology transfer with local companies.

Dtonic is a big data company that deals with spatio-temporal big data. The company started as an in-house venture by Hyundai Motor Company and was spun off in 2014. It has successfully developed technology necessary to process spatio-temporal big data and is currently expanding into the field of smart cities.

Dtonic’s technology Geo-Hiker resembles a boosting engine that helps speed up processing and analysis of spatio-temporal big data. It utilizes a top-notch indexing algorithm based on the spatio-temporal characteristics of big data. In addition, advanced data distribution technology is applied for optimal channel load between nodes to maximize data processing performance. This technology was introduced to Hyundai Motor Company and the Korean Road Traffic Authority and will be used in the Busan Eco-Delta Smart City and Bucheon Smart City Challenge projects as well as projects for autonomous vehicles and future mobility, smart factories, and smart farms.

Spatio-temporal big data technology developed by Dtonic is regarded as the core of Korea’s COVID-19 Epidemiological Investigation Support System (EISS), which played a pivotal role in the success of Korean quarantine. Today, EISS is being exported worldwide. This contribution by Dtonic proved excellence of Korea’s quarantine system to the world.

Yong-Joo Jun, CEO of Dtonic, said, "After Dtonic’s win in the Korea region competition of SelectUSA Tech pitch competition, we will actively promote the application of our superior technology in a wide variety of fields around the world. Since participation in the competition serves as a promising opportunity for the global commercialization and localization of the work we are currently pursuing, Dtonic will continue our efforts to grow into more diverse areas."

For more detailed information on Dtonic, visit www.dtonic.io.

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