DoctorxDentist Identifies The Top 10% of Doctors in Singapore

Patients are 65% more likely than they were prior to the onset of coronavirus to choose a healthcare provider based on the quality of care they will receive, according to the COVID-19 Patient Confidence Study.

SINGAPORE, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DoctorxDentist, the leading online resource for information about doctors in Singapore, today released its 2020 analysis of best performing physicians. 

"The goal of the DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award is to acknowledge physicians who are consistently highly rated" said Tristan Hahner, CEO of DoctorxDentist. "As healthcare gets more complicated and more choices for care become available, it’s important to provide information that helps consumers easily identify providers who make patient experience a top priority. This is our way of recognizing physicians for their commitment to outstanding care, based on opinions of those who know them best – their patients."

DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award Recognizes Outstanding Healthcare Providers, Based on Patient Feedback

Each year, only 10% of doctors in Singapore are named a DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award recipient. DoctorxDentist evaluated the performance of 10,112 doctors and dentists nationwide by compiling and analyzing thousands of ratings and reviews of patients from across Singapore and Southeast Asia. The evaluation found that:

  • Winners had an average of 22 reviews, while the average doctor in Singapore had less than 5 reviews.
  • Award recipients maintained an average rating of 4.5 or higher out of a 5-star rating system.
  • Doctors with a minimum rating of 4.5 stars get seven times as many appointments as doctors with a rating less than 4.5 stars.
  • Doctors with at least 5 reviews get 74% of online appointments.
  • Reviews most often mentioned a doctor’s clinical skill or bedside manner. 
Dr Marlene Teo from An Dental Clinic, recipient of DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award for 2020.
Dr Marlene Teo from An Dental Clinic, recipient of DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award for 2020.

"It’s been my dream to help patients demystify dental issues," said Dr Marlene Teo, an award recipient. "I’m really honored to receive the ‘DxD10 Trusted Reviews Award’ as an affirmation that we are building trust and rapport with our patients."

About DoctorxDentist is the fastest-growing doctor discovery platform in Singapore and South East Asia. Millions of consumers each year find and schedule appointments with their provider of choice at DoctorxDentist.

By enhancing each touchpoint in the patient journey — from the first impression online, to appointment booking and review harvesting post-appointment — DoctorxDentist makes it easy for healthcare providers to attract more patients, manage online reputation and modernize the patient experience. Learn more about how physicians partner with DoctorxDentist

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