Do You Hate the New Design of Facebook Too? Here’s What Others Hate About It

A new design of Facebook has been rolled out previously and it has a totally different look compared to the classic version. “We’ve grown since launched 16 years ago,” said the company as they reveal the New Facebook on May 8, 2020.

For now, you can freely choose to go back and fort of the two existing versions of Facebook on your computer – the New Facebook and the Classic Facebook. However, it won’t be for long.

The Classic Facebook is going away pretty soon. According to Facebook, by September the classic version of Facebook will already become unavailable with the new version to take its place.

The company described the New Facebook as simpler and easier to use, with the features you know and love.

It may sound like a total good news since the new version has some better features such as it has a faster loading time and that it actually has a dark mode feature which you could use to give your eyes a break. But the users have already spoken and expressed how much they hate it.

Here are What Some People Hate About the New Facebook

You all know it. Twitter is one of the best platforms out there where you can see people all over the globe freely express what they think about almost anything.

So here are some random people expressing what they think about the new version of Facebook which is about to be permanent in a few days.

Some people simply hate the new layout while others are complaining about its format being confusing, but if it is how it’s going to be until Facebook decides to introduce an ever newer version in the future, then avid Facebook users might want to try to get used of it as early as possible.

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Do you or do you not agree with some of the issues pointed out by some of the countless Facebook users? Let us know what you hate or love about the the New Facebook by sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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