DEEP Robotics Launches China’s First Industrial Waterproof (IP66) Robot Dog Jueying X20

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DEEP Robotics, a leading Asian intelligent quadruped robotics company, recently announced the launch of its newly developed robot dog Jueying X20, meeting the needs of various application scenarios by delivering a new level of innovation when it comes to protection performance. 

Designed and built based on the user feedback from real-world application scenarios and DEEP Robotics’ deep understanding of industry applications, Jueying X20 features strong load capacity and scalability, autonomous charging, all-scenario coverage, great computing power, and perceptual precision while operating flawlessly in adverse weather conditions. The quadruped robot provides protection in and around the perimeter of every kind of industrial or commercial facility, making it a more efficient and intelligent solution for industry applications with high-level requirements across a wide range of scenarios.

The waterproof(IP66) Jueying X20 can operate in adverse weather conditions
The waterproof(IP66) Jueying X20 can operate in adverse weather conditions

To cater to the requirements of smart industrial application scenarios where the environment is constantly changing and a larger number of application modules are required, Jueying X20 delivers higher performance in terms of protection, scalability, load capacity and endurance compared to its precedents.

  • IP 66 Industry-grade waterproof performance: the robot can flawlessly operate in outdoor environments even on rainy days and in other harsh environments while preventing dust from entering the system.
  • Strong load capacity and scalability: with a maximum load of 40 kg, the robot’s wide peripheral platform comes equipped with multiple interfaces for power supply and communications.
  • Ultra-long endurance: with autonomous charging and a wireless duty-cycle model, the robot can operate for more than 2 hours with a load of 20 kg and for as long as 4 hours without a load.
  • Complex terrain adaptability: the robot can easily step over a 18cm high obstacle, navigate a stairwell as well as climb a 30 degree slope, allowing it to adapt to a variety of complex environments, including grasslands, sand, snowfields, gravel roads and puddles.
  • Intelligent perception: equipped with a depth-sensing camera and the laser radar coupled with an intelligent algorithm, the robot enables trackless autonomous navigation, dynamic obstacle avoidance and human activity recognition based on actual needs.

DEEP Robotics, the first Chinese manufacturer of intelligent quadruped robots for industry applications, launched its first model of Jueying series of robots in 2017, since when Jueying models have been tested in multiple application environments, including security patrol inspection, surveying and exploration as well as public rescue. Jueying model gained a great deal of fame by the case of one single Jueying robot dog effectively patrol a 25,000 square-meter electrical substation.

About DEEP Robotics

DEEP Robotics is a technology company focused on smart quadruped robots, committed to achieving an efficient and smart future through the ultimate combination of motion control and AI. DEEP Robotics started in 2017 and provides a full range of solutions for industry applications, including education and scientific research as well as security inspection and exhibition demonstration.

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