CyCraft Partners with Japanese IT Giant ITFOR to Deploy AI-Enabled Infosec Resilience in Finance Industry

TAIPEI, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan-based information security company CyCraft today (2021/6/10) announced its Japanese subsidiary CyCraft Japan Inc. Ltd. has officially entered into a partnership with ITFOR Inc., a publicly listed company specializing in IT and network services total solutions, to authorize the distribution of CyCraft AIR information security products by ITFOR Inc. The company shall also provide customers with Incident Response (IR) and Enterprise Security Health Check Services to strengthen the resilience of information security in the Japanese financial industry.

With the spread of new remote working environments brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the potential risks of telecommuting, and the blurring of physical boundaries, the financial industry has been on the frontlines, facing the threat of increasingly serious Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and ubiquitous ransomware infections. ITFOR Inc. was founded in 1972 as an information service provider dedicated to creating total information and communication solutions for the financial industry, public institutions, retail, e-commerce and more. The company has an overwhelming market share in debt collection systems used in the financial industry, and therefore, this strategic partnership with CyCraft is a joint effort to enhance information security and create a new and secure working environment for financial industry customers.

The CyCraft AIR series of products have twice outperformed in the MITRE ATT&CK® authoritative evaluations, and stands out with its exemplary AI automatic detection capabilities. The latest round of evaluation results, which was just released in April 2021, simulated the attack on financial institutions by FIN7 and Carbanak hacker groups to validate real-world capabilities of various information security products. CyCraft AIR had the highest signal-to-noise ratio (96.15%) among 29 major international vendors, and has achieved two consecutive years of out-of-the box detections with zero latency, thus attesting to the absolute advantages of fully automated AI for rapid response and accurate automated analysis results. CyCraft AIR is also eye-catching in its flexibility: it can be deployed in the cloud or on demand, helping enterprises to grasp the latest holistic information security situation on a large scale.

James Cheng, Chief Operating Officer of CyCraft Japan, noted, "Building off of our sustained excellence in the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations and detection and response space, CyCraft has also been utilized in many emergency investigations in Japan. In addition, more than 30% of financial institutions in Taiwan are current CyCraft clients, empowering CyCraft’s deep knowledge and unparalleled experience in information security applications for the financial industry. The partnership with ITFOR Inc. is not only to actively expand overseas markets, but also to become a reliable information security backbone for Japanese financial institutions with deep-rooted information security best practices and insights in the financial sector."

James Cheng, Chief Operating Officer of CyCraft Japan
James Cheng, Chief Operating Officer of CyCraft Japan

Makoto Haneda, Communication Systems Director of ITFOR further pointed out, "The threat of cyber attacks is increasing, and even enterprises and critical infrastructure systems, which are considered to have strong information security measures in place, are constantly threatened by attacks. Therefore, it must be said that conventional information security technologies are becoming inadequate in the face of new and dynamic threats. CyCraft AIR utilizes the latest advanced AI technology to achieve effective detection and analysis without human intervention. In order to enhance local economies and promote regional revitalization with IT technology, this partnership between ITFOR and CyCraft will provide a leading information security platform that can withstand powerful attacks and significantly improve the information security defenses of businesses."

Makoto Haneda, Communication Systems Director of ITFOR
Makoto Haneda, Communication Systems Director of ITFOR

About ITFOR Inc.

Since its inauguration in 1972, ITFOR Inc. introduced advanced information devices developed abroad to Japan. In 1983, ITFOR Inc. developed the "Auto Call System" for demanding the collection of debt, for the first time in Japan. This has gained an overwhelming share in the field of debt collection business systems in financial institutions, and has so far gained higher reliability for customers. At present, a package system and a communication infrastructure system of this company are provided as a total solution to local financial institutions, local governments, local department stores, and contact centers of each company, so as to support business improvement and creation for companies. Further, the business is expanded by focusing on cashless settlement business that is realized non-face-to-face and contactless.

About CyCraft

CyCraft is the world’s leading AI information security company. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company has expanded its market presence to Japan and Singapore. The company leverages innovative AI technology to automate information security, and features built-in EDR, CTI, NDR and a next-gen AI-enabled information security Command Center. Since its founding, CyCraft has gained the trust of over 50 government agencies, police and defense units, 30% of financial institutions, and dozens of leading companies in high-tech and key industries, solidifying the company’s leading market position in Taiwan. From endpoints to networks, from investigation to blocking, from self-built to hosted, CyCraft AIR covers all aspects required for enterprise information security and follows Fast / Accurate / Simple / Thorough principles to provide customers with the most effective defense mechanisms, thus achieving the goal of eliminating threats as soon as possible.

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