CyCraft Expands Support for Cloud and On-Prem Security Solutions with Latest in Network Detection and Response

CyCraft provides actionable global threat intelligence through a new effective and affordable Threat Intelligence Gateway & Network Detection and Response.

SINGAPORE, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CyCraft Technology, the fastest-growing cyber security firm in Asia, announced its release of their latest AI-driven security product in the CyCraft AIR security solutions suite, ThreatWall–a threat intelligence gateway and network detection and response solution capable of providing actionable threat intelligence, perimeter defense for inbound and outbound traffic, and capable of accurately tracking threat intelligence across its entire lifecycle. ThreatWall can be deployed as an appliance or as a software-defined cloud instance and can sit inline or analyze mirrored traffic.

ThreatWall is the latest in threat intelligence gateway technology and network detection and response solutions.
ThreatWall is the latest in threat intelligence gateway technology and network detection and response solutions.

CyCraft AIR is an AI-powered digital forensics, threat detection and response platform designed by CyCraft Technology. CyCraft AIR specializes in malicious behavior detection and is capable of continuously monitoring and managing the cyber situation of even large scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. CyCraft AIR provides automated threat triage, auto-prioritized alerts, correlation analyses, auto-investigations, and enables smart and strategic incident response. CyCraft AIR is available as a tool or as a part of CyCraft’s Managed Detection and Response service. ThreatWall is the latest addition in the ongoing series of available CyCraft AI security products.

ThreatWall Dashboard
ThreatWall Dashboard

CyCraft ThreatWall operates as a threat intelligence gateway and network detection and response solution powered by the latest in global threat intelligence (from CyberTotal, CyCraft’s one-click investigation Threat Intelligence Platform) in one multi-functional appliance or software-defined for the cloud. CyCraft’s threat intelligence is vetted from over 20 global sources with the addition of proprietary CyCraft threat intelligence and AI processing to achieve the highest degree of accuracy. With its flexible and fast deployment, ThreatWall, within only minutes, can begin not only blocking potential inbound threats from entering and compromising the host environment but also block outbound traffic when sensitive internal data would be transferred to an unauthorized or malicious command and control server. Additionally, ThreatWall also provides flexible architecture for both inline-block or mirror mode–greatly reducing the processing burden on enterprise-internal security solutions–and an API to facilitate integration with other information security solutions.

PK Tsung, Founder & CSO of CyCraft Technology
PK Tsung, Founder & CSO of CyCraft Technology

"At CyCraft, we turn cyber security into cyber resilience. ThreatWall demonstrates this by detecting and responding to potential cyber threats before they penetrate your environment, providing our customers with proactive defense capabilities."
PK Tsung, Founder & CSO of CyCraft Technology

ThreatWall, sold as a subscription service, provides a web interface with built-in compliance reporting, adhering to standards issued by Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC). For more information, visit for more in-depth product information or to request a demo.

About CyCraft

CyCraft secures government agencies, police and defense organizations, Fortune Global 500 firms, top banks and financial institutions, critical infrastructure, airlines, telecommunications, hi-tech firms, and SMEs.

CyCraft AIR, CyCraft’s security solutions suite, powers SOCs using innovative AI-driven technology to automate information security protection with built-in advanced managed detection and response (MDR), global cyber threat intelligence (CTI), smart threat intelligence gateway (TIG) and network detection and response (NDR), security operations center (SOC) operations software, auto-generated incident response (IR) reports, enterprise-wide Health Check (Compromise Assessment, CA), and Secure From Home services.

CyCraft AIR has undergone third-party evaluation by the U.S. Defense contractor MITRE via their MITRE ATT&CK® APT29 Evaluations. CyCraft AIR achieved the most General, Tactic, and Technique detections out of the box (with zero configuration changes), and was the only vendor to alert over all major attack steps–outperforming all twenty of the other participating vendors.

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