Cyclone Robotics Was Recognized as a “Strong Performer” by the “Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotic Process Automation” Report

SHANGHAI, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the world’s authoritative technology research and analysis organization Gartner published the report "Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Robotic Process Automation". Cyclone Robotics was the featured highlight in the report and was named "Strong Performer" recognized by its strong technical innovation, excellent service capabilities, and market leadership.

Cyclone Robotics has always adhered to a "customer first" business philosophy, ensuring that each product upgrade results in better satisfying customer needs. In its reviews, enterprise customers commonly said, "Cyclone Robotics products have exceeded our expectations." The Gartner report collected valuable reviews of Cyclone from customers in finance, manufacturing, energy, retail, medical, communication, service, construction, and other industries, revealing 100% customer satisfaction, which is a notable achievement among global RPA suppliers.

As world-class RPA provider and pioneer of the hyperautomation industry, Cyclone Robotics has advanced enterprise-level RPA product portfolios that cover the whole lifecycle of enterprise digital transformation. Among its consistent exceptional support and services for enterprise customers, Cyclone Robotics’ Gartner Peer Insights reviews include the following four highlights:


"Cyclone Robotics’ RPA products meet most of our company’s task automation requirements with its user-friendly automation design and development, easy-to-manage UI integration, and very supportive self-healing bots, which greatly enhance our user experience with RPA experimentation for a better-automated process flow." – IT manager from a service company 500M1B USD in size.

Adaptive Product

"To name the top three points I like most about Cyclone product, the first one has to be its adaptability. We have many systems from which we are supposed to pull customer invoices for compilation and organization. Cyclone RPA made it a pleasant process for us to monitor and supervise these systems, rather than getting involved and taking up all of our attention." – CRM manager from a 50M250M USD retail industry company.

Comprehensive Functions

"The second thing I like best about the product is the completeness of its functions. Our initial requests for changes were very simple, but the Cyclone consultants brought to us a business process possibility which we have once thought of realizing but did not give it a try in reality. We started with very small task automation first, but have had other process automation projects planned with Cyclone’s professional input. Their consultants surprised us with their readiness to adapt for us with our constantly changing business requirements." – CTO from a 500M1B USD company in the energy and utility industry.

Professional Implementation Team

"Well, the first thing I’d like to point out is that Cyclone RPA is easy and fast to implement after purchase. It seems that company has a very agile implementation team to follow through our business process upgrade requirements. It only took about less than three weeks for us to upgrade our workflows, in which RPA took over all of our repetitive work and generated good report results." – Director of enterprise information department of a 1B3B USD construction company.

As ever more enterprises embrace the significance of digital transformation, their demand for RPA increases from more perspectives. Gartner evaluated global RPA suppliers from multiple dimensions, such as the number of recommendations, user recommendation levels, customer industry distribution, company size, and market coverage. The evaluation results serve as an authoritative reference for most enterprises when choosing an RPA provider. Cyclone Robotics has passed Gartner’s rigorous screening and not only won the title of "Strong Performer", but also recognized for its capabilities in technology, innovation, service and market leadership, affirming the company as a preferred choice for many customers. 

Cyclone Robotics has also been selected in Gartner’s reports "2021 Magic Quadrant for RPA" and "Hype Cycle for ICT in China, 2021". Cyclone has developed for three years with an average annual growth rate of 400%, and continues to be favored by top capitals. Right now, Cyclone Robotics has finished its series C financing for a total of USD 150M. Cyclone will continue to provide innovative products and digital solutions for global enterprises, and contribute to establishing a global digital ecosystem.


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