COOCAA to Kick Off 808 COOCAA Lazada Super Brand Day with Philippines Launch of S6G Pro

MANILA, Philippines, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On August 8, COOCAA will celebrate its second anniversary in the Southeast Asian market and kick off the annual COOCAA & Lazada Super Brand Day, where the two will be offering fans significant discounts, free gifts, and other surprises. During the event, the revolutionary COOCAA S6G Pro will officially be made available for purchase in the Philippines on August 6, following an exciting product launch on August 5, where it will be unveiled via livestream.

With the smart TV industry constantly innovating, iterating, and maturing, the standards and expectations of consumers have also been raised. For today’s customers, large-screen smart TVs are the norm, and even more smart home devices will be essential for the modern smart lifestyle.

According to market forecasts and the demands of the market, COOCAA’s latest product, the cutting-edge S6G Pro smart TV, will most likely run Android 10.0 (the newest operating system on the market) and offer AV1 decoding to provide greater responsiveness, more powerful features, and richer content. Sources have hinted that it will feature an extra-large 2+32GB memory configuration and offer access to countless apps and functions with a simple voice command, enabling users to build a connected smart home and enjoy a more convenient, fun, smart user experience.

COOCAA to Kick Off 808 COOCAA & Lazada Super Brand Day with Philippines Launch of S6G Pro
COOCAA to Kick Off 808 COOCAA & Lazada Super Brand Day with Philippines Launch of S6G Pro

Of course, in this new generation smart TVs, large screens are a must. From the previews of the product launch, it appears that the S6G Pro will feature the popular ultra-slim infinity screen known for providing a visual experience with no boundaries, in addition, we expect to see crisp, lifelike images made possible by the Chameleon Extreme 2.0 image quality processing engine. As one of the first companies to offer bezel-less infinity screens, what other technological breakthroughs will the new COOCAA S6G Pro offer? Stay tuned for the upcoming product launch on August 5 to find out!

The COOCAA S6G series has already become a top seller in Southeast Asia, and, thanks to its high performance, low maintenance, and endless possibilities, this latest upgrade is anticipated to break new records.

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