CNN’s ‘Going Green’ meets the game-changers who reveal the light bulb moments that led to a green revolution

HONG KONG, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Across the globe, people are working tirelessly on innovations to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges we face. This month, in a 30-minute special, CNN’s ‘Going Green’ meets the experts leading a green revolution in everything from organic farming to species conservation.

CNN’s ‘Going Green’ meets the game-changers who reveal the light bulb moments that led to a green revolution
CNN’s ‘Going Green’ meets the game-changers who reveal the light bulb moments that led to a green revolution

When Wesley Oxenham returned to his home country of Mauritius, he knew he wanted to give back to the community. He created ‘Farm City’, empowering locals to grow their own organic food and teaching children about ecology, environment and farming. The small social enterprise has proven so successful he is now expanding the idea, setting up a second farm in Singapore.

Pangolins are among the most heavily poached animals on earth, facing a threat so large they could be pushed to the brink of extinction soon. CNN learns about the ongoing efforts to rescue and rehabilitate abused and trafficked pangolins in South Africa, and hears from Ray Jansen, chairman of the African Pangolin Working Group, about the need for a collective humanitarian effort to save them.

David Milarch is on a mission to save the largest organisms the world has ever known: redwood trees. They can grow to over 115 meters tall and can live for over two millennia – but persistent logging and the mounting effects of climate change have now put the future survival of these trees in jeopardy. Milarch and his army of volunteers around the world are working to clone and propagate new redwoods in the hopes of saving them for many generations to come. 

South Africa has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it is also ranked as one of the planet’s worst plastic marine polluters – creating an environmental crisis on its shoreline. CNN meets conservationist Aaniyah Omardien, who founded a volunteer-based beach co-op to clean popular beaches. She has teamed up with Peter Ryan, an ornithologist and leading researcher on marine plastic waste, to investigate the origins of the plastic pollution they find.

Beyond Hong Kong’s world-famous skyline lies miles of lush tropical forests and mountain jungles – but this wasn’t always the case. Around 40 years ago the city launched an aggressive reforestation program to prevent erosion and beautify the city’s mountain landscapes. CNN meets one of the local pioneers of conservation, Gunter Fischer, who continues to lead the charge to green Hong Kong through an ecological restoration project.

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