Carry Protocol to Launch the Digital Wallet Integrated with South Korea’s Largest Loyalty Point Platform

SEOUL, South Korea, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — South Korea’s Blockchain Project Carry Protocol announced on the 9th that it has released the "Carry Wallet" equipped with the crypto deposit function and real-life rewards.

Carry Wallet, the Digital Wallet Launched by South Korea's Blockchain Project Carry Protocol
Carry Wallet, the Digital Wallet Launched by South Korea’s Blockchain Project Carry Protocol

Carry Wallet is the first Carry token (CRE) Enabled Service, and it supports deposit and withdrawal of Carry Token (CRE) and CRE staking. Users can stake CRE tokens in Carry Wallet to receive rewards that can be claimed across merchants using Dodo Point in Korea. Consumers can now stake digital assets to receive rewards such as coffee and ice cream in the real world.

Carry Wallet differentiates itself from other DeFi platforms by providing rewards that consumers use in their daily lives. This makes Carry more relevant for everyone and bridges the gap between the crypto world and the offline world. Carry’s prime focus is simplicity and usability – subsequent updates to the app will enable staking features much more simpler to understand and will expand on the range of goods and services users can receive. The beta version of the Carry Wallet will be available for the Korean market.

"It isn’t about whether blockchain will change the way we live, play and work – it is about when. Our goal is to make Carry the first example of digital assets being relevant in the real world for everyday consumers", Richard Choi, CEO of Carry Protocol commented on the launch of Carry Wallet. He also added, "we will prove product-market fit in Korea, a great test bed for all things digital, and upon successful scaling, we will expand to the rest of the world."

About Carry

Carry Protocol is a blockchain project aiming to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by everyday consumers in the offline market. To appeal to the masses, the team is partnering with the largest players in South Korea to kickstart deployment and accelerate growth, including Dodo Point, Korea’s largest loyalty service for offline stores with +22,000 offline merchants as clients and +25 million users in Korea and Japan.

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