Carepool Asia – Malaysia’s first multi-disciplinary digital healthcare platform that offers unlimited telehealth appointments

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CAREPOOL ASIA, an innovative digital health platform launches its new, affordable digital health packages, the first telehealth platform that offers unlimited consultation services via a monthly subscription fee, as low as RM170 per month for the initial 2 users, with additional users can be added on-demand.

On-demand access to high quality GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants from the comforts of your home via Carepool Asia subscription
On-demand access to high quality GP doctors, dietitians and mental health consultants from the comforts of your home via Carepool Asia subscription

Covid-19 Initiative

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused a big impact on our daily social lives, economic, and health issues. It has also modernized the deployment of the digital health system, where the public would urgently need to get more reliable health sources and medical advice, escalating the importance of digital healthcare services.

Technology Meets Health Care Services

Carepool Asia – a comprehensive digital health SaaS based platform, aims to:

  • Provide a multi-disciplinary telehealth with unlimited online appointments based on the total of subscribed users through a flexible monthly subscription scheme.
  • A digital medical consultation platform that provides better healthcare services via phone & video calls with our highly experienced GP doctors, dietitian’ or mental health experts.
  • Carepool Asia multi-disciplinary team consists of accredited, highly experienced, and passionate medical/health consultants.
  • A telehealth platform where users can access and manage health care services, personal medical consultation, and to conduct an online professional triage prior to their tele-consultations.

CareConsult – a multidisciplinary tele-health solution

"Carepool Asia aims to provide an affordable, flexible, and convenient SaaS-based multi-disciplinary telehealth. While anyone can sign up as a free member, our current target customers are families and companies that are searching for telehealth solution for their employees or their loved ones especially during this crucial time," says Alex Lee, the CEO/Founder of Carepool Asia.

"Our focus now is on addressing public health needs and to ensure optimal access of delivering primary health care (PHC) through low-cost, high-impact telehealth, delivered by our multi-disciplinary team. We conducted research that out of 10 general doctor visits, at least 20% can be done online."

"Our unlimited telehealth consultation services have gained interest from many companies and families, as our module is based on the number of subscribed users, where the core team of medical professionals will be your personal "family or company doctor".

Working together to Care for You

Carepool Asia team consists of GP doctors, dietitians, and mental health consultants. Hence, Carepool Asia telehealth does not focus only on physical health, but also provides mental health and dietician services.

Sitra Panirsheeluam, an experienced behavioural psychologist, who is also a partner consultant in Carepool Asia, believes that telehealth can be more effective consulting patients at the comfort of their homes.

"Patients who are anxious, depressed or individuals with disabilities are facing challenging time to go to mental health facilities during this pandemic. Therefore, telehealth is very important to allow the patients to stay connected with their medical psychologists through the right channel."

Dr Foo Ching Choon, an experienced GP doctor of Carepool Asia, believes that Telehealth can reduce the pressure of the medical health system and health workers’ exposure to the coronavirus on-site. "By engaging Carepool Asia, it is also convenient, saves time, yet maintains the quality, safety and assurance by a team of experienced medical practitioners."

"Telehealth makes dietitian’s consultation easily accessible, and now you can receive the same expert-level, personalized nutrition advice from us at the comfort of your homes," says Ng Kar Foo, a professional dietitian consultant partner in Carepool Asia.

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About Carepool Asia

Founded in 2020, Carepool Asia is an innovative SaaS based digital health platform offering multi-disciplinary telehealth consisting of highly experienced GP doctors, dietitians, and mental health consultants all in one self-managed subscription. By subscribing to the monthly plan, Carepool Asia is the first telehealth platform in Malaysia that offers UNLIMITED telehealth consultations capped by the number of users in the subscription.

We aim to generate new approaches using digital technology to improve the future of medical care and digital health. This is to ensure the quality, safety, and credibility of digital health services.


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