CamLy Group unveils CamLy Platform and CamLyLife as part of its digital ecosystem to provide technological solutions to the world

LOS ANGELES, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CamLy Group, a leading consultancy firm in Vietnam specializing in immigration, real estate, financial investment, has tapped into the technology industry and launched two new startups: CamLy Platform and CamLyLife.

CamLy Platform provides a digital platform which offers a global real estate investment technology marketplace for users while CamLyLife is a business and entertainment platform that offers simulation experiences. These digital platforms pave the way for a digitalized Vietnam and are part of CamLy Group’s digital eco-system that offers digital solutions to the world.

CamLy Platform and CamLyLife joins the global digital revolution to provide technological solutions across industries
CamLy Platform and CamLyLife joins the global digital revolution to provide technological solutions across industries

These two companies are the intellectual products of the Founder of CamLy Group, Ms. Cam Ly Duong, a female leader and pioneer businesswoman in the field of international real estate investment who has raised more than US$500 million for North America Real estate market. In 2020, she was selected as one of the top 25 Global CEOs in the Immigration Consulting Field by Uglobal Immigration Magazine.

"The CamLy Group’s main vision is to offer the world happiness and prosperity through investing in harmony and humanity. We build platforms integrating the world’s most modern technologies to expand our horizons. Applying the "Sharing Economy" mindset to our projects, these platforms are expected to create jobs for the Vietnamese community and around the world. Our goal is to create value for humanity, and at the same time bring Vietnam to the global stage by becoming the first Vietnamese company with a technology product and platform to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange," said Ms. Cam Ly Duong.

Ms. Cam Ly Duong, Founder of CamLy Group
Ms. Cam Ly Duong, Founder of CamLy Group

CamLy Platform highlights the idea of "Sharing and Connecting" through connecting real estate developers around the world, and mobilizing global investment capital quickly and safely.

CamLy Platform aims to create millions of jobs in the global real estate business through one of its schemes – the Global Investment Ambassadors (GIA) programme. The programme trains ambassadors to become an expert in the global real estate investment field and allows them to identify investment opportunities in potential markets. Currently, CamLy platform is operational and has presence in Vietnam, the United States and various Asian countries.

CamLyLife is a global simulation tech platform that is targeting two billion users. Acting as both a business and entertainment app, CamLyLife is a humanistic playground that helps users expand their business, experience new technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain, in a creative, virtual setting.

CamLyLife also boosts users’ online experience by offering a realistic experience virtually. It provides swift transactions, instant data on supply and demand and linking to websites such as AirBnB, Amazon, and other service providers. This app is applicable to different industries including real estate, entertainment, education, and finance.

"2020 had been a challenging year for businesses. With a positive mindset, CamLyGroup has found great growth opportunities through CamLyPlatform and CamLyLife. We will continue to promote our two platforms, bringing a completely new experience to the world and boosting the position of Vietnamese people in the international market. We expect these two platforms to become two unicorn start-up projects and attract investors from all over the world", said Ms. Cam Ly Duong.

Ms. CamLy Duong also aims to increase the brand’s humanitarian efforts, a topic close to her heart. She has long admired Mr. Elon Musk for his intelligence, great vision, and the courage to commit himself to serve humanity. The CamLy Group’s founder strives to follow in Musk’s footsteps and is known for her great love and offers unconditional donations. Ms. CamLy Duong created the CamLy Foundation to carry out volunteer activities and technology will be applied to the foundation to enhance the spirit of volunteerism globally in the future.

About CamLy Group

CamLy Group comprises of a group of leading companies in Vietnam including ImmiCa – is a leading company in the field of US immigration investment consulting EB5 and USHome – a reputable US real estate investment consultancy. Starting in 2019, CamLy Group has begun entering the technology industry and has since launched CamLy Platform and CamLyLife.

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