Byte will Pay First Group of Creators Starting April

Byte announced in a forum that starting on April 15, a total payout of 250,000 dollars will be shared by the first participating creators in its Partner Program. Up to 100 creators will be part of the program and will either be chosen by Byte via invite or will be chosen from those who will apply in the said program.

What is BYTE?

Byte is a new looping video app by the creator of the vine. It’s available for Android and IOS

Partner Program Benefits

To be part of the Byte’s Partner Program has benefits. The first is for monetization where creators can get paid for creating bytes. Second, creators can directly contact the Byte team to talk about creator-related topics. Third, creators will get access to features for testing and can share feedback about it. And, they can have opportunities for meets and greets.

Specifications that Creators Need to Follow 

Originality: Your content should showcase your unique voice and be created for byte and the byte community.

Community Participation: Partners should be regular and active participants on byte. This means doing things like consistently posting quality bytes and engaging with others in positive, constructive, inspiring ways. 

Format:  9:16, non-letterboxed videos: We’re looking for the content that looks best on byte, which means full screen without letterboxes.

How the Partner Program Works

A Partner Pool will be established every 120 days and the total number of viewership will be calculated every 30 days. To determine how much the creator will get paid it will be based on the total number of views. As the Viewership Bracket of the creator gets higher, the creator will earn more. All partners within a Viewership Bracket will be paid the same amount and the payout will be every 30 days. Also, the number of Viewership Brackets is expected to vary over time. 

Availability of the Program

For now, the partner program will only be available for creators based in the US. According to the posted forum, BYTE is still working out how to expand the program to people outside the US. 

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