Brinno BCC2000 Plus – The Best Time Lapse Solution for Capturing Construction Projects

TAIPEI, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jobsite safety is essential to any construction project. With Brinno’s new construction time lapse bundle, experience truly ladderfree access to camera. The new BCC2000Plus provides Brinno’s easiest and most efficient time lapse solution yet.

Brinno's new construction time lapse bundle provides truly ladderfree camera access.
Brinno’s new construction time lapse bundle provides truly ladderfree camera access.

Engineered to withstand the unpredictable construction environment, the BCC2000Plus comes bundled with the bestselling Trio Bundle Pack (BCC2000) and the Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000). The 32ft extender cable gives instant access to camera via laptop or tablet (Windows 64-bit OS).

Filming long-term time lapse is effortless and efficient with the BCC2000Plus. Complete all common camera functions instantly without needing to fumble with SD cards or a small LCD screen. No need to stop recording to change batteries or download files, the Extender Kit’s multi-task dongle equips the camera with the ability to perform multiple functions at once.

Access camera through laptop or tablet to do a wide variety of actions including:

  • Preview camera frame
  • Change settings
  • Check battery
  • SD card status

What makes the Brinno time lapse different from other cameras and services in the market? Brinno provides a truly worry-free time lapse solution that makes long-term time lapse accessible to everyone. Instantly create professional time lapses right out of the box.

Designed for filming large-scale construction projects, the BCC2000Plus comes bundled with an industrial grade stainless steel mount kit, IPX5 waterproof power housing that provides up to 328 days of power, ruggedized camera extender kit, and a full HD time lapse camera with HDR.

Watch months of construction progress in a matter of minutes.

The Brinno BCC2000Plus is available for purchase through Amazon and other retailers. For more information and to explore bundles at various price ranges such as the new TLC2020 mounting and housing bundles, please visit

BCC2000Plus Construction Time Lapse Bundle includes:

  • Full HD Time Lapse Camera (TLC2000)
  • IPX5 Waterproof Power Housing (ATH2000)
  • Industrial Stainless-steel Clamp (ACC1000)
  • Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000)

Photos and videos available online.

About Brinno

Brinno started as a design business in 2003, and has built a solid clientele from world class tech firms around the world. In 2009, Brinno began leveraging its deep design experience plus image processing and power savings technologies to produce a family of logoed time lapse cameras that can be widely used both in business and leisure activities.

As of today, Brinno cameras are used by industry professionals across the world in fields such as construction, media production, research/academia, security, and creative arts.


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