AVerMedia launches Live Streamer NEXUS & MIC 330, a 6-track audio mixer/creators control center and a dynamic XLR microphone

Empowering creators to sound better and to have more control of their creative journey.

TAIPEI, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AVerMedia, a leader in digital audio and video, has launched the Live Streamer NEXUS and Live Streamer MIC 330 today, the latest additions to AVerMedia’s ecosystem. A game changer audio mixer/control center for live content creation on YouTube, TikTok or any streaming platform and a dynamic microphone ready to help creators make their voice be heard.

AVerMedia's Nexus Control Center and Dynamic Microphone 330
AVerMedia’s Nexus Control Center and Dynamic Microphone 330

The Live Streamer NEXUS is a 6-track audio mixer, 3 are physical inputs, 3 are virtual tracks. Built in amplifier and audio processor lets creators modify their XLR microphone input to sound the best they can and with Dual Mix, creators will be able to control 2 independent audio mixes, one listened to on their stream, one in their headsets.

The NEXUS control center consists of a 5" IPS touch screen and 4 dedicated function buttons. Together with its NEXUS app creators can customize the control panel to the take full control of live streams. Scene changes, media launch, music control or displaying viewers count, volume levels and even reading live chat, the NEXUS bring a whole new level of control to all creatives.

NEXUS app has integrated popular streaming and creative software such as OBS, Streamlabs OBS, RECentral, YouTube, twitch and Spotify with many future integrations and new functions to come, via free software updates.

Audio is king, especially for the live sessions. The Live Streamer MIC 330, a dynamic XLR microphone, is here to help creators sound the best they can with minimal hassle, so they can focus on creating. Its built-in pop filter adds and extra layer of protection to help creators filter out those plosive sounds and keep viewer’s ear happy.

In AVerMedia’s endless quest to provide content creators with the tools they need to elevate their content and boldly create, AVerMedia has developed the first of its kind audio mixer/control center to empower creators to truly take control of their live content creation and an elegant, broadcast quality dynamic XLR microphone, two key elements to make the AVerMedia studio and ecosystem a more complete experience and better meet creators’ creative needs.

Please visit AVerMedia’s Official Website for more information.

Creator’s Control Center: https://www.avermedia.com/au/product-detail/AX310

Creator’s XLR Mic 330: https://www.avermedia.com/au/product-detail/AM330

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