Atari Video Game-Themed Hotels

If you are fond of booking yourself a hotel stay during your visits to other countries or even if you are just into having unforgettable staycations, having a comfortable hotel to stay that would meet your needs and even your wants such as spas, jacuzzi, and et cetera would surely give you the satisfaction you’re craving for. But now, aside from the common amenities and services hotel these days can offer, Atari’s first ever video game-themed hotel is soon to rise to give more exciting, unique features. Read on to know more about  the Atari Video Game-Themed Hotels!

Atari’s first ever video game-themed hotel

A photo of one of the soon-to-rise Atari Video Game-Themed Hotels. This  picture has a tall, black and grey themed building in the middle.
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Atari has announced recently that they are going to build at least eight video game-themed hotels in the United States later this year. They are planning to construct their first ever video game-themed hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has also announced that they are planning to build the rest of their  Video Game-Themed Hotels at the following locations: Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Atari video game-themed hotels features

Wondering what sets Atari video game-themed hotel apart from other existing hotel concepts out there? Aside from, of course, it provides unique Atari-themed lodging, you can expect that the Atari Hotels can give its future guests a whole new level of entertainment. Within the Atari Hotels, guests will be able to experience and immerse themselves within VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Atari video game-themed hotels are also be built with venues to cater esports events

Who’s excited to see the Atari video game-themed hotels rise from ground-up?

This is the kind of concept and innovation gamers and video game enthusiasts shouldn’t miss. If you are one of the people who are looking forward to see how this concept come to life, you may visit from time to time for more information and latest updates.

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