Asus ZenPower Slim Review: The power in your hands

Living in a techie generation, a lot of us use smart phones to do and accomplish many things. And whatever they may be, battery life is one thing that greatly matters to every user. But if you’re not really into heavy usage, I can recommend that you use ZenPower Slim because it’s actually a good portable charger for your phone.

Let me enumerate the features of Asus ZenPower Slim that I liked the most.

  • Slim structure

As the name suggests, Asus ZenPower Slim is a slim-type of power bank. And because of this, it is easier to hold even with just one hand compared to other bulky power banks.

  •  Light-weight

If you are a person who most of the time is likely to go to many places, this power bank is best for you because it is very light. You wouldn’t have a problem carrying the ZenPower around because it isn’t much of a bother.

  • Sleek, elegant design

The black color of the power bank makes it look elegant. And aside from this, the sleek design with diagonal lines on the surface makes it look even better. Also, because of the design of Asus ZenPower Slim, it doesn’t actually look like a power bank at first glance.

Note: The power bank also comes in white color.

  • LED Flashlight

The power bank is so helpful in times of emergency. Not only because it is a power bank but because it is also one that provides a LED flashlight. Isn’t that great? You’d have what you need even when power is out – a power bank for your phone and a flashlight to use in the dark.


The Final Verdict

If you could use an extra battery life but not really into heavy usage, Asus ZenPower Slim is perfect for you. Aside from loving the elegant design like I did, you’ll also be satisfied by the fact that you have a power bank with you all the time but its weight doesn’t bother you at all.




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