ANNKE Announces Huge Black Friday Deals 2021, Up to 60% Off on All Smart Security Solutions

HONG KONG, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ANNKE today announces its Black Friday shopping event, which is marked as the biggest deals ever. Customers can get up to 60% off on ANNKE’s full-range smart security cameras and systems.

This Black Friday, ANNKE has taken things to the next level with a wide range of new deals. Shoppers can get their hands on high-end smart security solutions to protect their premises at the best budget.

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ANNKE Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021
ANNKE Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021

60% Off Biggest Sales on Selected Smart Solutions

AZ500 Zoom ($27.99 after 60% off) – 5MP 5X optical wired security camera, provides stunning 2K 5MP Super HD detailed footages, and enables users to zoom in distant details without losing image quality.

AZ800 Zoom ($47.99 after 60% off) – 4K Ultra HD 5X optical zoom security camera enables customers to see every detail clearly.

BR200 ($39.99 after 60% off) – Rated by MakeUseOf as the smartest analog security camera, this camera provides 1080p Full HD acme color night vision and deters intruders before intrusion with strobe and siren.

Up to 50% Off on Best-Selling PoE Smart Security Solutions

Pano360 Pro ($249.99 after 50% off) – That’s the best deal ever for consumers who want a panoramic fisheye IP camera for their villas, stores, shopping malls, elevators, etc.

C800 ($54.99 after 45% off) – Rated by The Hook Up as the best 4K Ultra HD PoE IP camera, this star product provides true 4K 8MP Ultra HD picture quality day & night, with the advanced Sony sensor and EXIR night vision.

C500 ($41.99 after 30% off) – That’s the most versatile 5MP Super HD PoE IP camera ever – stunning 5MP Super HD, EXIR night vision, Hi-Fi audio recording, IP67 weatherproof, and more, just every feature customers need in an IP camera.

CZ400 ($188.99 after 30% off) – Reviewed by ZDNET as one of the most solid PTZ IP camera with excellent coverage, this camera can patrol customers’ property with its 330° pan & 90° tilt.

H500 (starts at $305.19 after 30% off) – Best 5MP Super HD PoE security camera system, covers every angle and offers all-in-one solution for 24/7 non-stop recording even without Internet.

H800 (starts at $388.99 after 30% off) – Best 4K Ultra HD PoE security camera system, captures true 4K UHD footages with the advanced Sony sensor, and provides 24/7 continuous recording even no network access.

Customers can upgrade their smart home security to true PoE power with ANNKE full-range PoE solutions here.

35% Off NightChroma™ Security Solutions

ANNKE provides world’s first NightChroma™ security solutions that provide acme color night vision in complete darkness, with f/1.0 super aperture, advanced image sensor, active alignment technology and warm supplement light.

NC400 ($84.49 after 35% off) – 4MP Quad HD acme color night vision PoE camera turns night into day under 0.001 lux darkness.

NC800 ($227.99 after 35% off) – World’s first 4K Ultra HD acme color night vision PoE camera colorizes night into true 4K UHD even in 0.0005 lux darkness.

NCK400 (starts at $389.99 after 35% off) – 4MP QHD acme color night vision PoE camera system monitors every corner and captures every image in colorful details in 0.001 lux night.

NCA500 ($58.99 after 35% off) – 5MP Super HD acme color night vision analog camera paints starry night into rich colors even in 0.0005 lux dim conditions.

NAK500 (starts at $279.99 after 35% off) – Most advanced 5MP acme color night vision security camera system records every second in high-fidelity colors in 0.0005 lux night.

30% Off Plug and Play Wireless Security Solutions

W300 ($39.19 after 30% off) – A 2K 3MP Super HD WiFi IP camera combines every smart feature that customers want into one single unit, while offering easiest setup without messy cabling.

WL200 ($244.99 after 30% off) – A true plug & play all-in-one wireless security camera system provides local live stream without extra devices and records continuous videos even without network.

WS200 ($209.99 after 30% off) – A 1080p Full HD WiFi security system provides easiest installation within minutes.

WS300 ($230.99 after 30% off) – Best 2K Super HD wireless security camera system offers stunning image quality and 24/7 all-around protection.

WS500 ($286.99 after 30% off) – world’s first 5MP Super HD WiFi security camera system provides stable & smooth WiFi signal without losing 2K 5MP Super HD quality.

ANNKE joined in this annual shopping event, aiming to make high-end smart security solutions accessible for every home and business owner globally. Customers now can get one-stop shop during ANNKE Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 that fits any pocket.

ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE’s deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with easiest and the most straightforward security products.

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