An Amazing New Technology that helps you listen to the sound of life

From time to time, we at techtography are always on the lookout for cool tech and gadgets. Today, we found one cool tech that can help you “listen to the sound of life”. Stemoscope is a compact device that is designed to listen to sounds and these sounds are sent to your phone via bluetooth.

The Stemoscope is designed as a wireless stethoscope that is small and compact which anyone can use. The stemoscope comes with an app that connects your smartphone to the device. For you to enjoy a rich sound experience, you will be needing your earphones to make sure that you hear the bass sounds since the speaker in your mobile phone doesn’t place such sounds well.

Aside from listening to your heartbeat, you can also use the Stemoscope in taking blood pressure. Normally, a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope is used to take the blood pressure, medical practitioners use the stethoscope to listen to as specific sound during cuff deflation called the Korotkoff sound. Aside from this, you can also use the Stemoscope to listen to your pet’s heartbeat or even listen to the sound of the tree as it vibrates or as it takes in water from its roots.

There are many other applications for the Stemoscope and because it is handy and easy to use anyone might just find an application for it.

As of this writing, the Stemoscope is have gathered $13,857 pledges of its target of $3,000. There are 398 backers on Kickstarter and there are 29 days to go before the pledge will end. If you want to pledge or back this project head on to their Kickstarter page.

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