AgotoZ Partners with PLDT Enterprise to Expand Business in the Philippines

BEIJING, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At 13:00 (UTC+8) on July 23, AgotoZ Technology (AgotoZ for short, was invited to an online ceremony with PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business unit of the PLDT Group in the Philippines, to confirm the partnership and announce AgotoZ’s business expansion in the Philippines. After the ceremony, an in-depth discussion on "How to Enable Companies Globalization" was held.

As one of the world’s leading NaaS service providers, AgotoZ provides network acceleration solutions for more than 100 worldwide enterprise users. Since 2017, AgotoZ has established firm relationships with different telecom operators around the world besides PLDT Enterprise.

"We are thrilled to work with AgotoZ in servicing their business partners in the Philippines. The ‘why’ behind our partnership matches up to the core of PLDT Enterprise, which is to leave a lasting positive impact on every single business in the Philippines—be foreign or local. We are looking forward to a successful venture with AgotoZ," said Mitch Locsin, the First Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head to PLDT Enterprise.

"AgotoZ’s presence in the Philippines will provide global enterprises with networking and acceleration services between their headquarters and branches in the Philippines, as well as provide top-tier network services for Philippine enterprise users going abroad, helping Philippine transnational enterprises improve their productivity, " said Shellsun Yu, the CEO of AgotoZ and a cybersecurity expert in China, "The cooperation will significantly benefit both AgotoZ and PLDT Enterprise in the long run."

"The Philippines is one of the ideal destinations for Chinese companies to invest in, and with growing demand, cooperations between the two sides become even more important," said Mr. Locsin.

According to public information, PLDT Enterprise, with the most extensive fiber optic backbone, cellular network, and data center footprint, is the largest telecom operator in the Philippines. As a member of WTO, APEC, and ASEAN, and one of the world’s most potential emerging markets, the Philippines is the trade, transport, and economic hub between Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Growing numbers of global companies are choosing to set up their headquarters or branches in this country, therefore it brings great business potential in the growing demand of network facilities.

"AgotoZ is committed to providing more diversified products and services to empower enterprises around the world with the strong support of local telecom operators like PLDT Enterprise. The cooperation with PLDT Enterprise expands the global coverage of AgotoZ’s network and plays a significant role in promoting the business development worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia," said Mr. Yu. 

"We are privileged to support the mandate of global technology companies like AgotoZ to expand into strong emerging markets like the Philippines and other global territories where we have established our points of presence. PLDT Global Enterprise equips our partners to swiftly adapt to the growing demand for reliable network resources while adhering to stringent standards of operational uptime," stated Jeff Mendoza, the Head of PLDT Enterprise Asia Pacific Region.

"AgotoZ promotes continuous optimization and upgrading of WAN services by building an intelligent cloud network and a secure zero-trust network to serve more enterprise users worldwide, while we can still maintain the quality advantage of our global backbone network," mentioned Santos Miao, the CTO of AgotoZ, in an interview with

At the same time, AgotoZ is doing its utmost to optimize the quality of the backbone network. As of July 31, AgotoZ’s network capacity covers more than 70 regions and has set up 6 branches around the world. Its products and services provide global enterprise users with real-time network connection services under strict security and reliability conditions of high-speed and full domain coverage at almost any end-devices.

Meanwhile, the global expert committees based in Silicon Valley is continually exploring and enriching the application scenarios of SD-WAN combined with 5G, Cloud Computing, and the evolvement of network security technology.

Talking about future planning, Mr. Yu said, "AgotoZ will work closely with PLDT Enterprise, build our relationship on complementarities and active innovations to help the virtuous cycle in the development of network technology. We will continuously explore and meet the needs in the latest telecommunication scenarios such as AR, autonomous vehicle, telemedicine, smart city, Industry 4.0, etc., and provide more and more enterprise users with better network services, benefiting them with SD-WAN, 5G, and Cloud Computing."

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