ACE Exchange’s Asia-First LGBT-themed NFT Collectable Receives Overwhelming Response

TAIPEI, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ACE Exchange‘s LGBT-themed non-fungible token (NFT), featuring popular Taiwanese couple CACA&BELLA, has received overwhelming attention after its launch. The 100 NTF collectables were sold out within five minutes after being made available and has received over 150,000 likes on one of the top LGBT Instagram accounts.

100 sets of “Eternal Love”, the first LGBT-themed NFT in Asia featuring CACA&BELLA have been sold out with the support of global fans.
100 sets of “Eternal Love”, the first LGBT-themed NFT in Asia featuring CACA&BELLA have been sold out with the support of global fans.

The NFT collection "Eternal Love" is the first of its kind in Asia that features a same-sex couple. Created in partnership with CAPSULE Taiwan, the collection features CACA&BELLA, a much-loved lesbian couple and YouTuber in Taiwan. It aims to celebrate the second anniversary of Taiwan’s historic legalization of the same-sex marriage as well as the couple’s YouTube channel reaching 300k subscribers, with all funds going to LGBT charity. 

100 sets of the NFT collectables, alongside the physical copies, were released in the global debut, with each set containing nine CACA&BELLA studio photos. The NFT artworks depict the couple in white wedding dresses, embracing, kissing and walking in the wonderland of love under the eternal sun and moon floating in the purple clouds.

The CACA&BELLA collection

Issuers: CAPSULE Taiwan and Ace Exchange
NFT Title: "Eternal Love"
Issuer Number: The NFT collection is limited to 100 sets, with the physical copies of the nine photos included in the global debut.
NFT Market:

NFTs revolutionize the art industry

Powered by blockchain technology, NFTs are shaking up the art world and stirring up a revolution in art creation and collecting in the digital space. Whether it is a piece of digital art, a meme, a clip or even a tweet, NFT grants those digital assets a "digital certificate of authenticity" and allow them to be bought and sold without the concern about fraud and counterfeit. 

NFTs experienced an explosive growth in 2021. According to Non-Fungible, the traction volume of NFTs in the first month of this year shot up to 200 million USD, in a striking contrast to 250 million USD recorded in the entire year of 2020.

CACA&BELLA strives to support LGBT families

CACA&BELLA whose real names are Caroline and Bella run a YouTube channel CACA&BELLA to document the journey of their relationship and daily lives. Their videos which are full of love, warmth and joy, have captured the hearts of fans from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia as well as Europe and North America. 

CACA&BELLA’s aim is to call for wider support for LGBT families through empowerment and education. As such, all profits from the sales of CACA&BELLA NFT trading cards will be contributed to Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy, an organization dedicated to advancing equality for LGBT families in Taiwan.

About ACE Exchange

Established in 2018 by David Pan, former COO of KPMG Innovation and Startups, ACE Exchange is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms with best-in-class digital security measures in Taiwan. It currently ranks second in Taiwan in terms of trading volumes in Bitcoin, Ethereum and StableCoins. The brand is committed to building the most professional Fiat to Crypto exchange and providing a channel for all Taiwanese people to access cryptocurrencies easily.

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