2021 New Growth Drivers Fair Successfully Staged in Qingdao

QINGDAO, China, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 2021 New Growth Drivers Fair – Qingdao was successfully held from July 15 to 17 at the Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition International Exhibition Center, according to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shandong Sub-council.

2021 New Growth Drivers Fair - Qingdao
2021 New Growth Drivers Fair – Qingdao

Themed "New Pattern, New Growth Drivers, New Opportunity", the Fair showcased the latest products and technologies from leading players across numerous industries, as well as the achievements of cooperation between multinational corporations and Shandong Province. It also established an important platform for the participation of multinational corporations in the transition from old to new drivers of growth, promoted cooperation between industries in Shandong Province and multinational corporations, and facilitated Attraction of Investment and Talents. Li Ganjie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shandong Province Committee and Governor of Shandong Province, attended the fair, and formally launched the proceedings.

1,147 exhibitors participated in the offline theme exhibition and online cloud exhibition of the Fair. The offline theme exhibition covered an exhibition area of 23,500 square meters, and 40% of the independent exhibitors were top 500 companies from China and abroad. 22,000 professional representatives visited the Fair offline, while more than 157,000 people visited the Fair online.

The Fair was novel in design with numerous highlights. Firstly, the new display mode: The Fair broke through time and space limitations by building an online cloud exhibition. There were offline theme booths delivered by VR panorama production for 16 cities and 509 enterprises.

Secondly, a new way of expression: Presentations at the Fair used the latest technical means available in the exhibition industry, such as glasses-free 3D, FogScreen projection, holographic images, 360-degree annular flexible screens and floating screens, thereby reflecting the highest level in the exhibition industry.

Thirdly, an abundance of activities: 119 road shows and promotional activities were held during the Fair, including 10 overseas promotional activities for brands emanating from Shandong. 583 companies, 122 parks, 17 industry clusters, 10 industry chains, 18 innovative platforms and 4 manufacturing bases were exhibited in the Multinational Corporations and Shandong Exhibition Area, comprehensively showcasing the achievements of cooperation between multinational corporations and Shandong, and enhancing their confidence in investing in Shandong. In the Enterprise Exhibition Area, numerous new products and new technologies were unveiled on the platform of the Fair.

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