2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines

2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines

Are you curious about what were trending in the 2019 in the Philippines? Well, if you are, keep on reading, because Google just recently released their annual  “Year in Search”, the Year in Search 2019. Do have any guesses about this before you read on to the 2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines? Better take some few guesses before you get to find out which search terms climbed their way up to the top.

2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines: Overall Trending Searches

Here are the top 10 overall biggest trends in the Philippines for the year 2019. These following search terms had the largest spikes in traffic that were sustained over a certain time period within the year 2019. I’m not sure if this is going to surprise you or not but the search term that topped the overall trending searches in the Philippines is…

Anyway did you already try your luck to guess? Yeah? Well, here it comes – it’s the term Omegle! This term is actually the name of a free online chat website which allows its users to socialize with other users without them needing to register. The peak of the spike for this term was from September 8 to 14.

Next to the search term Omegle is the term MemoryHacker, followed by the terms Codashop, Idol Philippines vote, Thanos, NBA standings 2019, Halalan 2019, Eddie Garcia, Pacquiao vs Broner, and Memories lyrics.

2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines: News

When it comes to the news within the Philippines, the search term Halalan 2019 was the one which made it to number one within the category. The rest of the terms which also made it to the top 10 are the following: LET result March 2019, Earthquake today, SOGIE Bill, CSC result 2019, Amazon rainforest, Lotto results today, and Meningococccemia.

2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms in the Philippines: Events

Now with the events! As for events, the search term NBA standings 2019 stood out among the rest, claiming the number one spot within this category. The term that made it next to the NBA standings 2019 is Pacquiao vs Broner, which is being followed by the search term FIBA world cup. The other terms which made it to the top of the list are the following: Pacquiao vs Thurman, Raptors vs Warriors, TI9, Australian Open 2019, Warriors vs Raptors, GSW vs Raptors, and Wimbledon 2019. 

Those were the Trends!

Now, those were the trends within the year 2019 that rocked the Philippines. What’s your say about it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

2019 Top Trending Google Search Terms Around the Globe

Also if you also would like to know what became trends not just in the Philippines but also anywhere else around the globe, you may check out the Year in Search 2019 and see it for yourself. Here’s a sneak peak of the top Searches all over the globe: India vs South Africa, Cameron Boyce, Copa America, Bangladesh vs India, iPhone 11, Game of Thrones, Avengers: Endgame, Joker, Notre Dame, and ICC Cricket World Cup.

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