10 Blockchain Developer Companies to watch out for

The global blockchain community continues to grow as it expands to different parts of the world. And in support to its endeavor to get people into financial inclusion, countries are slowly beginning to accept the concept. However, for maximization of its potential, the development of the technology requires expertise and experience. And for this reason, you need to take note of the best blockchain developer companies.

Blockchain Technology in three words

Blockchain Developer Companies worthy of your attention

Intellectsoft – It’s an emerging software solutions developer that provides blockchain domain for everyone. And developing software solutions for 10 years, it has the biggest collection of talents in cryptography, cybersecurity and engineering in Eastern Europe.

Expertise: Mobile App Development, Blockchain Technology, Enterprise Solutions, Internet of Things Solutions, Custom Software Development

Coinfabrik – They call themselves a “full stack blockchain development company.” In addition, they have always been actively involved with cryptocurrency by building and reviewing security applications for more than 20 years.

Expertise: standard software development, cryptocurrencies, tokens, public and private blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto-economy

Itransition – It’s a leading developer and provider of decentralized solutions needed for financial requirements. They focus on helping large, medium-sized and startups design, develop and evolve software that would fit their needs.

Expertise: creates marketplaces, Develop data management, Identity management, Trading desks, Blockchain development services, ICO development, Cryptocurrencies development & platforms

10Clouds – It’s primarily a web and mobile applications developer for businesses. Aside from this, their products mainly focus on financial technology, healthcare and online education.

In addition, they have a team of over 100 experts working on diverse projects in blockchain development, machine learning, Internet of Things, and motion design.

Expertise: Google app engine Python, JavaScript, Amazon, Custom software development, web development, blockchain development, , Ethereum development, Crowdsale

Altoros – This company make evaluations that help clients determine what kind of blockchain solution is best for their business. Aside from this, they help find ways to generate revenues from it.

Expertise: Cloud Foundry, cloud solutions, blockchain development, PaaS, AI, big data, TensorFlow, Hadoop, MongoDB

More companies to choose from

Chain – Specifically, they develop ledger systems for financial sector. For one, they developed Sequence, a ledger-as-a-service for transactions, that is being used for mobile wallets, and as a crypto exchange platform and ride sharing app. They also made TxVM, a virtual transaction machine aimed at eligible state changes throughout different blockchains.

Expertise: Distributed Ledger Technology, Distributed Systems, Blockchain Development, Cryptography, Operating Systems, Capital Markets, Payments, Financial Services, Software

LeewayHertz – It builds enterprise-level blockchain applications and provides artificial intelligence tools, IoT and cloud services. Also, the company create apps for identity verification, decentralized systems and supply chain.

Expertise: Ethereum, R3Corda, Hashgraph, Solidity, blockchain development, iOS/Android app development, cloud computing, IoT solutions, mobile UX/design

ChromaWay – The main focus of ChromaWay is blockchain as a database. In line with this, they house blockchain experts who work with financial institutions, real estate companies, government agencies for smart contracts.

Expertise: tokenization, digital currencies, wallets, blockchain development, consortium databases

Blockobi – It’s known for being expert in providing blockchain solutions for businesses. They specialize in full stack blockchain technology, sales and marketing.

Expertise: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, Pre ICO and ICO rollout and more

Prolitus – It has a group of experts to manage blockchain development. This allows them to efficiently monitor financial operations and functions of every business. And with full application security, they work for functionality purposes.

Expertise: Blockchain development and Consulting, Private Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, Poc development


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