Get Creative With These Photography Hacks

Vaseline Photography Hack

Ok it’s been a while since we wrote something down, that trip to different countries really pushed us back one step. Anyway Techtography is back and with new direction and vigor, thanks to that trip. Anyway, let’s start off with our regular information-sharing with things that we find around the net. Yes, the internet is […]

Fix Your Itinerary With These Google Travel Tools!


Fixing your travel itinerary these days are made much easier with the help of the internet. Too many apps were developed in order to make your travel life easier. From the preparation of your travel to the actual travel itself some would say there is an app for that! The abundance of these travel apps […]

10 Tech Startups Win Ideaspace 2014 Competition

Winners of the IdeaSpace startup competition for 2014 are joined by judges led by IdeaSpace and PLDT group chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan. Ten teams will be receiving at least PhP1-million each worth ofseed funding and support under its acceleration program for technology entrepreneurs.

[June 6, 2014/ MANILA] – Philippine-based incubator and accelerator IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. (IdeaSpace) has selected ten tech startups in its yearly competition for early-stage funding worth at least PhP1 million each consisting of seed investment, training and services. The ten winners of the Ideaspace 2014 tech startup contest are: ·         BluLemons (Dasmarinas, Cavite)  – A Filipino-themed mobile […]

Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra Resigns

Vic Gundotra

It was a fruitful eight years for Vic Gundotra, the senior Vice President for Engineering at Google, after leaving his job at Microsoft in 2006 he joined the search engine giant and started several projects that would change Google. At first Vic Gundotra became involved with developers relations and became a common figure in Google’s […]

Life in Outer Space Proven By Adsense


Well before you start to get excited let me just douse you with cold water, this is another of Google’s prank for April Fools Day! I’m sure your newsfeeds, timelines and what not are filled with untrustworthy news. Well here’s one to add to your collection of today’s April fools news. Let me just get […]

Technology|Google Sold Motorola Mobility To Lenovo


BREAKING NEWS: Lenovo to Acquire @Motorola Smartphone Business from @Google — Lenovo (@lenovo) January 29, 2014   In the latest blog post and a press release by Google Founder and CEO Larry Page they have announced that Google and Lenovo came into terms in selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for the amount of […]

Technology|Google Streetview Now In The Philippines

Courtesy of Google

After several months of speculations and sightings, the Google car street view is now finally confirmed to be going around the Philippines, well, that’s the idea at least. So starting today the Google Streetview Car will be going around Manila to take data (photos) along the streets. What is StreetView? Streetview is a feature added […]

Photography | Events Photography and the Changing Variables


We got the privilege to take photos in a thanksgiving party and there were a lot of people, it is unlike the birthday parties that we’ve attended where we are used to the flow of the “program”. This time we were given the chance to be the events photographer for a hotel’s thanksgiving party. If […]

Gmail Update Integrates Google Plus


After visiting my inbox today i saw an email from the Gmail Team. Apparently they have updated yet again the Gmail platform. As if their previous updates weren’t awesome enough. In this update Google has integrated your Google Plus with that of Gmail. Integrated in such a way that people in your circles, even if […]

Taking Awesome Sunset Photos With Galaxy Note 3


Ok well the photo here might not be as awesome as what you have seen from other digital photography sites, but you gotta admit this sunset photo is great especially after knowing that it was shot using a phablet. Yes, it was shot using a Galaxy Note 3 phone, with its limited camera properties as […]