Life in Outer Space Proven By Adsense

Well before you start to get excited let me just douse you with cold water, this is another of Google’s prank for April Fools Day! I’m sure your newsfeeds, timelines…


Technology|Google Sold Motorola Mobility To Lenovo

BREAKING NEWS: Lenovo to Acquire @Motorola Smartphone Business from @Google http://t.co/SD9IlKpqqI pic.twitter.com/9CKsRclzsn — Lenovo (@lenovo) January 29, 2014   In the latest blog post and a press release by Google…

Courtesy of Google

Technology|Google Streetview Now In The Philippines

After several months of speculations and sightings, the Google car street view is now finally confirmed to be going around the Philippines, well, that’s the idea at least. So starting…


Photography | Events Photography and the Changing Variables

We got the privilege to take photos in a thanksgiving party and there were a lot of people, it is unlike the birthday parties that we’ve attended where we are…


Gmail Update Integrates Google Plus

After visiting my inbox today i saw an email from the Gmail Team. Apparently they have updated yet again the Gmail platform. As if their previous updates weren’t awesome enough….


Taking Awesome Sunset Photos With Galaxy Note 3

Ok well the photo here might not be as awesome as what you have seen from other digital photography sites, but you gotta admit this sunset photo is great especially…


Your Year In Review In Video?

It was last year that this blogger first noticed the year in review feature of Facebook. For those who do not have any idea a year in review is a…

The Hearts Are Gone?

If you have been using Google Plus you know what i mean (by the title of course). Recenty Google plus added several fun features in their platform. The cool autoawesome…


Gadget Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and i am sure you are saving the most expensive gift last on your list to be bought as present either for a love…

The Samsung Trio unveiled at Unpacked 2013

Samsung Unveiled The Galaxy Note III and Smartwatch Galaxy Gear

The date is September 4, 2013, the place is the Tempodrom in Berlin, the event? Of course the much awaited unveiling of the the Samsung Smartwatch and the Galaxy Note…

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