How To Write An Executive Summary For Your Startup Business Plan


The executive summary is the first thing anyone will see of your business plan. It should grab the reader’s attention and introduce the atmosphere of your business all while being a few short paragraphs. The executive summary is like the beginning of a book – everyone judges the entire book by the first few lines […]

Gmail, G+ and Google Hangouts Service Interruption


It would seem like the guys at Google are working on something with regards to their Gmail, G+ and Google Hangouts services that it caused some disruption of service for several minutes at least on our side. We particularly noticed that Gmail shows an error with regards to access to our contact which Google further […]

Canon Patents Choice Automation Between JPEG and RAW


Are you a JPEG Shooter? or a RAW Shooter? I’m sure you have been shooting using both formats. The common problem of course if you shoot using both formats at different instances is that you will have a difficult time in sorting out your photos especially if you have already shot thousands of them. Indeed, […]

What Can You Do With 30Mb Free Internet?


By now you might have heard of the free mobile internet offering by SMART Communications Inc. and if you have been following the news on this it was clarified that active users can avail of the free mobile internet of 30mb per day only. Now you might be asking, 30mb is a bit small don’t […]

Wikimedia Foundation And Smart Launches Wikipedia Zero – Technology


Access Wikipedia information on your mobile without the hassles of acquiring data charges. In the Philippines this is now possible through Wikipedia Zero, a project in cooperation with SMART Communications. Imagine having access to Wikipedia on your mobile without the data charge, giving you knowledge on the go. By downloading the Wikipedia app users can […]

Help Crowdfund Ideas To Help Others


You might have noticed, for several years that this blog is existing there are only two categories, technology and photography. Today i have added another category and that is the startup. With the growing interest of entrepreneurs in the startup scene in emerging markets I have decided to help the startups have a voice or […]

Sharing Video On How To Use Household Objects For Photography


Well we need not say more but COOPH nailed this one! These seven Household Items really are useful in terms of photography from caring for your lens to taking creative effects. Time to look for these household items and try it out. After you have tried it please share your photos with us, we’d be […]

CD-R King Website Was Hacked


As i was browsing the internet looking for some materials which i need for my latest project, i chanced upon the CD-R King website. For those who have no idea, CD-R King provides affordable gadgets and virtually anything that involves electronics. This is like the shop for generic items and your go to store if you […]

Get Creative With These Photography Hacks

Vaseline Photography Hack

Ok it’s been a while since we wrote something down, that trip to different countries really pushed us back one step. Anyway Techtography is back and with new direction and vigor, thanks to that trip. Anyway, let’s start off with our regular information-sharing with things that we find around the net. Yes, the internet is […]

Fix Your Itinerary With These Google Travel Tools!


Fixing your travel itinerary these days are made much easier with the help of the internet. Too many apps were developed in order to make your travel life easier. From the preparation of your travel to the actual travel itself some would say there is an app for that! The abundance of these travel apps […]